a collection of small projects

a roller coaster plot

Plotting the path that housing prices and interest rates have taken since 1987.

finding the worlds tallest trees from space

Using the space-based LIDAR to search for the tallest trees.


Combining the microcolor and instagrammetry projects to create a 3D model at a microscopic scale.

baseball scatter

Explore how stats are distributed and correlated in the 2022 mlb season

scotus decisions

Visualizing the alignment of supreme court opinions using dimensionality reduction.

10 projects

a personal challenge to do a project each day for 10 days

It can be a challenge to work on projects with unknown future outcomes. While on lockdown during COVID, I challenged myself to complete a project each day. It helped me limit the scope of work and to quiet the perfectionist voice.

These projects were created during this challenge, but I've tried to continue building small prototypes with this mindset.

ocean super resolution

I was curious whether I could use an image super resolution neural network to improve the resolution of remote sensing data in the ocean.


A trail is being created in an open space near my home. Because the area was private land for so long and the park is not yet open, maps of the area are sparsely populated. In this project, I mapped the trail and ponds and added the data to OpenStreetMap.

mapping tree loss from space

In 2013, my family's home burned down in the Black Forest Fire. It also burned part of the open space I mapped in Project #2. In this project, I created a map of where the fire burned based on remotely sensed forest cover data.

running form analysis

Finding and using a neural network that can do 3-dimensional pose tracking to quantify elements of running form.

birds of a feather

Clustering photos of birds by their visual similarity to one another using neural network feature extraction and dimensionality reduction.

why we're blind to the color blue

Here, we'll dive into optics, the structure of the human eye, and why truly seeing sharp blues is all in your head.

pinhole photography

This is a simple project with tangible results. I took a photo with a pinhole camera, and developed the photo paper to create an image.

visualizing density

Using a computational photography technique called background oriented Schlieren to visualize density differences.


Most microscope images are in grayscale. I trained a neural network to take black and white microscope imagery as an input, and produce colorized versions.


Using photogrammetry to build a 3D model of a scene using images scraped from instagram.