map-based storytelling

tying stories to places and encouraging people to look closely at the world around them

reef to aquarium

The blue tang is one of the most popular fish in the marine aquarium trade. However, it cannot be easily bred in captivity. This creates a global supply chain that connects fishermen in small islands with hobby aquarists on the other side of the world.

Alongside four additional team members I worked in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Colorado to trace the path of this supply chain. I also developed the technology for the project, creating a web experience to tell a map-driven multimedia story, capturing underwater virtual reality video, and drone support.

This project was recognized as one of Mapbox's featured community maps of 2018


I have always enjoyed keeping an eye out for roadside historic site markers on road trips. The stories of nearby events can make even the most bleak landscapes interesting. I made a tool that expands on this idea of roadside markers. It takes wikipedia articles near to your location, and presents them like a travel guide.